Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nautilus Pencil Drawing

To be honest, I was more familiar with the riveted submarine Captain Nemo piloted in Ten Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, than I was with the creature it was named after.  This is it- the nautilus.  Unlike it's cousins the octopus and squid, it is protected by a beautiful shell as is jettisons around the ocean.  I used H6 and B2 pencils for this drawing, and increased the contrast in curves after scanning.  My favorite part of drawing this was hearing my young daughter say "Don't like Naughtyluss, he grabs everybody."


  1. That is a really great drawing. I can't wait to see it colored. Nautilii crepuscular, so no bright blue backgrounds for you.

  2. Good point A Koszis, I'll keep that in mind!