Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lionfish Illustration

I really liked the shallow water feel in the balloon fish and blue sea slug illustrations, so I used a similar gradient for my background.  The detail on this fish took a few hours to draw, so I expected to spend as many hours adding color to it.  Here is the in progress:

The final illustration follows, the result of 10 hours of color work in photoshop.  So pretty, but his expression is definitely the don't mess with me variety.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lionfish Pencil Drawing

The lovely lion fish deters predators with beautiful toxic spines.  Intricate patterns and stripes on undulating fins mesmerize divers and aquarium keepers.  The unpleasant the barbs lack a lethal punch, making this a favorite among aquarium fish.  It will eat the other inhabitants though, so take care.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Great White Shark- Captured.

Captured on paper anyway. Here's an in progress of the color layers.

I moved him to the top left of the composition to add a little drama. With shading, he reminds me of a large boulder.  One that floats and rips off limbs. I think a large portion of my fear is based on how fast sharks swim and how few obstructions there are in the open water. They can reach you before you can even see them.

Taking On the Great White Shark Illustration

Maybe I watched Jaws while I was still too impressionable.   Maybe I have fed into the hysteria surrounding this fish.  Maybe great white sharks are just really scary.  Whatever the reasons, this fish terrifies me, even in pictures.  Searching for source photos was not enjoyable.  I admit that I asked my husband to do some of the legwork.  He was gracious enough to find a dozen shots without much gore. Within that group, were three almost cheerful poses.  One was the great cartoon shark from "Nemo".  Did I mention my husband is very funny?  I'm just grateful that he didn't set it for my screen-saver.

So I had two great shots consult for anatomy.  In profile the great white frowns, but head on he smiles.  Is this to lull prey into thinking he's friendly?  If so it doesn't work for long.  Here's my pencil drawing:

I switched to an 8B pencil, to save time adjusting post scan.  I really like the character of the heavier line.