Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wee Sparklie Distraction

So my birthday is coming up. I'm going to be 36.  We all know that 36 is the vintage costume jewelry birthday.  And because I love you readers, I'm sharing my favorite source in case any of you are also turning 36 this year.   Wee Sparklies restores vintage pieces with unused vintage stones.  She also sells gorgeous vintage stones and supplies.  If you visit and make sure to note the 20% off Coupon Code on the front page of her shop.  Don't buy the clip above unless you want to land my husband in some hot water.  

And if you see him, let him know that 40 is the tropical snorkeling vacation year.  Provided this illustration therapy thing works.


  1. Thank you!

    and yes, 40 is the tropical snorkeling vacation.

  2. That is fantastic! You have excellent taste.

  3. Oh.. That is lovely. Any idea what 43 is?

  4. Let me check. Oh, of course, 43 is the handmade modern jewelry birthday Stacy. Feel free to educate anyone who may not know. :)