Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ribbon Seals Finished Illustration

As the poles melt, we are finding out more than we've ever known about ice seals.  Ribbon seals are only one variety of ice seal. They are usually so remote that studying them in the wild has proved difficult.  With global warming, they are swimming further inland and further south and have even been seen on the northwest coast of the US.  
I've drawn this little family on an iceberg, surrounded by sea and sky.  I like to imagine it's quiet and peaceful when the weather is fair.

The pup could be confused with a harp seal pup, but when as the little pediped gets bigger, distinctive ribbons of white wrap around his rich black brown coat.

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  1. Hi there, I am representing a Dutch (non-profit) animal welfare organization. We are planning to launch a website with information about animals for children. I just saw your paintings and loved them. I think that they are exactly what i've been looking for to illustrate the Ribbon seal. Is it allowed to use your images (ofcourse we will mention your name). Kind regards, Jan Willem