Thursday, July 5, 2012

Busy, busy, busy

Being busy is a blessing.  However it leaves me little time to blog.

In works right now:

4 new hellephant illustrations for the hellephant of the month club/ overlapping with one more hellephant nautical nursery illustration.

3 koala illustrations

1 black durgeon trigger fish illustration

Hellephant has a Day, the whimsicle children's book.
...Which is ONE DAY away from being printable cover to cover.
and to top it off, I am going to hand bind 50 hard back copies personally. I can't bear to have these be any thing less than super special snowflake books.

I have a few other jobs in various stages of hold as well. There are also few illustrations I'm itching to get back to.  The wobbegong shark needs to get done for Shark Week.  It'd be sad if he missed it.  I also have some narwhales that need love.

So if you have pre-ordered or custom ordered anything, thank you!  I am gathering speed to finish one awesome project after another. I am also very grateful that you all have invested in my art.  You make my life fantastic.  (Really- I'm dreaming right?)

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